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SSH Free 23 24 25 January 2017 America, Brazil, UK

Server SSH Free 23 24 25 January 2017 Brazil, America and United Kingdom. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a client-server that is used to assign IP addresses automatically in the network computer. The IP address will be given automatically on all computers connected in a network. So no need to set the IP address manually on each computer.  Account SSH 24, 25 January 2017 Columbia and Peru.

SSH Free 23 24 25 January 2017 America, Brazil, UK
Free SSH Account for Android 23 - 25 JAN, 2017 Australia and Iran. The DHCP Client and the DHCP Server. There are two terms in the DHCP server and clien IE. The DHCP Server is a computer that assign IP addresses automatically and set the range of IP compliance with computer network netmask. While the DHCP Client is a computer that requests an IP address. At the moment the user turn on computers connected in a network computer, then your computer will be automatically requested (request) to the IP address of the server, then the server answering the query and assign IP addresses automatically according the specified range. If the IP range is already full, then a new computer joins the network can't get into the network.

DHCP Server not only provides IP addresses only, but also the netmask, hostname, domain name, DNS, gateway address also. In other respects also provides other parameters such as time servers. For example, when accessing WiFi in public areas, a device (Laptop/Smartphone) will ask the IP address on the server when clicking Connect. If the IP is still available then the device will connect to the WiFi, but if the IP range is full of devices cannot connect to WiFi.

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